Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Buster Zeigler"

Been eating leftover turkey and watching old John Wayne movies all morning. Oops, it's afternoon already. I love westerns. My favorite John Wayne western is "McClintock" with Maureen O'Hara, love it, love it. My dad loved westerns too, and his favorite was "Shane". He must of watched that movie a hundred times or more. When Alan Ladd rode away on his horse and that little boy cried "Shane, come back", my tough man father always had tears in his eyes.

This is my father. He was very handsome, don't you agree? This picture was taken in the fifties when he played fast pitch softball for the Clearwater Bombers. Most of my childhood weekends were spent at the ballpark. He is in the ASA Softball Hall of Fame which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Check it out!!!!!

ASA National Softball Hall of Fame Member John (Buster) Zeigler
Year Inducted: 1971 Hometown: Miami, FL
Category: Men's Fast Pitch Division: Men's Fast Pitch
Although Zeigler has a good sense of humor and is a humorous after-dinner speaker, he was all business on the softball diamond during a career that started in 1947 and ended in 1965. As a youngster, Zeigler seemed destined for a career as a boxer. He had a 97-1 amateur record before being called into the Navy. After being discharged, he won his first pro fight before losing his next and “ being knocked back” to Miami. Zeigler then turned to fast pitch softball. He played the outfield and caught, but it was his hitting ability that caught the eye of the renowned Clearwater, FL Bombers, who picked him up for the 1949 national tourney.Zeigler moved to Clearwater and played for the Bombers in 1950 and 1951. He batted .500 in the 1950 national to help Clearwater to win its first of 10 national titles, yet was not named All-American. By 1952, Zeigler had joined the Miami Industrial Sales Flyers and was named All-American that year. Clearwater added him to its roster for the 1960 national tourney and Zeigler responded by hitting .276 in the national to earn All-America honors. His regular season average that year was .405. Zeigler played in 10 ASA national championships. He was named All-State three times and All Regional eight times. He had a lifetime .358 batting average. He never batted below .300 and four times hit .400 or higher playing in the top Miami fast pitch league. He led the league in batting 13 out of 15 years. Zeigler was born March 5, 1925 and passed away September 20, 2001 at the age of 76.
All My Luv, Joyce

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