Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas At Nana's

Every Christmas morning since I can remember, my mom wakes up around five in the morning, throws a ham in the oven, makes her famous sausage balls, fries bacon, makes hashbrowns and grits or cheese grits, and makes biscuits. Next to the dining area she sets up a table with the coffee, flavored creamers, pastries, donuts, cookies, pies, and cakes. This year she made a marshmellow & donut hole tree. The three tables that we eat on are all set with different flavors of jellies and jams, and the eggs are made to order. It is a wonderful breakfast. It is food that we all love and grew up on. Nana loves to cook for us. She tells us to invite whoever we want, and down throught the years many of our friends have come by to spend time with us and of course have breakfast. There is sooooooo much food. So much, that we all end up taking some home with us.

The kids eat and eat and drink and drink, and then go back for more.
Some eat faster than others.
I asked them all to smile and say cheese.
There's Nana probably trying to get Chelsea and Cassidy to eat some more.
Here we have the youngest, Nana's great-grandson, Johnny Angel.
Great grand-grandaughter, Jenissy, eating ice cream. There is always ice cream at Nana's house.
Uncle Jimmy is feeding, great-grandaughter, Jaylynn cheese grits.

Tyler, Kelsey, & Nishelle in pink are great-grand kids, Cassidy & Chelsey are grands.

Thanks Nana for another wonderful Christmas.

We All Love You

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