Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Noche Buena

This is what my husband and I cook every Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) translated it means Night Good, or The Good Night. It is a traditional Cuban Christmas Eve meal. Roasted Pig, usually a whole pig, the old timers cooked them in the ground. Nowadays the pig is cooked in the oven or in a "caja china", or Chinese box. Moros & Christianos, ( translated means Moors & Christians), black beans and rice cooked together. Yuca, or cassava root, and Cuban bread. We had already eaten when I decided I would post some pics of our meal. I can't show you the picture of the pork roast because we devoured it by the time I decided to do this. As you can see we didn't touch the bread because first of all, we wouldn't of had room, but second and most important, the bread is for the Cuban sandwich tomorrow. You cut the bread like a sub, then stuff it with heated diced pork meat, diced onion, sprinkle a little of that mojo that you see in the picture on it. It is delicioso!!!!! It's like the after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. You know that's what you'll eat the day after.

This old cast iron kettle is the BOMB for cooking the beans and rice because you cook them in the oven.

Here you have the cuban bread and the mojo. Mojo is the marinade used on the pork. See that humongous avocado that we grow here in Miami? When it ripens we will eat it with the beans and rice. The pork with probably be gone by then. The plantain is also good with this dish.

Take Care and Merry Christmas Eve to All.
Loveee, Joyce

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