Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zeigler Little House

This is Grandpa Quinnie and Grandma Daisy sitting in front of their house on 112 Terrace, and behind them on the right is the frame of the "Little House". This was before I was born, so don't even go there......

Lala says that in 1951, nine months before I was born, at 6:15 pm, I was conceived in the "Little House". She and my dad lived there after they got married March 25, 1950. While living there, they built the bigger house in the front. And there began the legacy of the "Little House". So you could say it started with me. Ooohbababeebee. If it started with me, it had to be good. If walls could talk, is what I always used to say. Thank goodness they can't. I have my story. What's yours? I promise I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I lived there two different times, first when I was eighteen and attending Miami-Dade North, then when I was twenty when I first got married. That was when my dad chased my ex down the street with a big ole BB gun, threatening to kill him. So, I know you have something to tell. Don't be shy now, spill the beans. Oh, btw that beautiful baby is me.

Love you guys,

Juicy Joyce

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