Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Cast Iron Skillet

Speaking of my favorite cast iron skillet. I found it in Johnny & Nancy's house. They were our next door neighbors most of my life. After they passed on their daughter Ann, who babysat me when I was little, asked me to watch the house until she could sell it. She was living in Colorado. It was empty for a while and we looked after it for some time, because I was still living next door. By this time she and I both were married and had children of our own.

So when Ann came back to Miami to sign the closing papers, we took our last stroll through the house, just looking around, reminiscing. Mainly she just wanted to take her last look a the house she'd spent most of her life in. We went and looked at all the bedrooms, living room, and we finally went into the kitchen. She opened and closed some of the cabinet doors, while we talked. When she opened the cabinet door under the sink I saw a cast iron skillet. It was old and rusty and needed a good cleaning. I said, Ann, there's your mom's old cast iron skillet." We picked it up and looked at it. It was a nice size. I told her that if she wanted to take it home with her, I would clean and wrap it up so she could carry with her on the airplane. She said, "Would you like to have it?" I said, "I sure would!"

I took that cast iron skillet home and cleaned the living daylights out of it, rubbed it with oil over and over again until it was ready to use, and it's been my favorite frying pan ever since. We are talking a lot of years. I use it just about every day. If you look at the recipes I have posted here you most likely will see this skillet. And, the other wonderful thing about it is that it reminds me of long ago when Johnny, Nancy & Ann lived next door, and how much I loved them. They were like family to me most of my young life. To me, it's just a beautiful thing.

I Wish You Love and I Hope That You Have Old Pots & Pans That Bring Back Some Good Memories of The Loved Ones Who Used Them Before You,


  1. I too have a favorite iron skillet! It was given to me by my sister-in-law. I season it from time to time...grease it up and pop it into a 250º oven for an hour or two.

    Since it is just the two of us now, I bought a smaller version at Cracker Barrel and it has their logo on the bottom. It holds seasoning better than my old one though.

  2. I love this story. It's amazing how an object can evoke such sentiment.
    Now, I wish I had my mom's cast iron skillet.

  3. Oh I well remember that last walk through at my Mom and Dad's house after they passed away and we finally sold it. It was bittersweet - glad to have finally sold it, sad because that was my home for a big chunk of my life and lot's of memories were associated with it.

    That's cool that you got the skillet. Cast iron skillets are great! Imagine the "history" associated with this one!

  4. Thanks Tammy, Okiesister, and mynew30, I really love reading your comments, it surely makes my day.

  5. That was a nice thing for your old neighbor to do for you. When someone give you somethin' it always means more than if you went out and bought it yourself.
    I have two iron skillets that belonged to my MIL and she's had them for years and she gave 'em to me. They are my fav's.
    This is a nice post.


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