Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day For Exploring

This is the beautiful blue sky we had yesterday.

It was such a beautiful day, that after I picked up my grandkids from school, we took a little drive around the neighborhood to do some exploring. I wanted to stop by the vegetable stand, which I check a few times a week, and we like riding around looking at everything. It's a little nature trip. We see the tomato fields, the different flowers at the plant nurseries, the palm trees, and the animals. We stop and look at the different animals on the farms, which are usually horses, donkeys, goats, peacocks, dogs, cats, birds, whatever we can find.

These are the goats on the way to the vegetable stand.

Here's one of the tomato fields.

This is the vegetable stand. They pull it up to this field with the tractor.

The onions.

The lovely tomatoes. I just love tomatoes.

The vegetable stand has fresh tomatoes, green, red, and yellow peppers, onions, zucchini, eggplant, jalapenos, cabbage, and watermelons when they are in season. And they are there seven days a week.

This is the vegetable stand tractor.

Here is one of the many plant nurseries.

We always stop to look at the horses.

Tiki huts are very popular and in many of the backyards.

Another plant nursery.

As you can see they also sell potting soil, mulch, rock, and sand.

Plant nurseries are everywhere.

Coconut trees are very popular and you can find cold coconut milk for sale all over Miami.

Many varieties of palm trees are gown here.

They palms are grown and sold for landscaping.

I like the tractors, they make me feel like I'm in the country.

I don't know what they planted here, I think its some kind of bean.

This is a field very close to my home where they grow vegetable and palm trees which you can see in the background.

We moved south to the suburbs about seven years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Miami-Dade County is divided right down the middle by Flagler Street and it goes about 300 blocks north and 300 blocks south. So we wanted to go south because it was, and I say WAS, not so crowded. A lot of others had the same idea, and it is growing very fast. But we still have farmland and open spaces, and we're not in the middle of the city. It is more little laid back and I really love it here.

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  1. You are very lucky! Thanks for sharin' these pieces of your life.


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