Saturday, April 16, 2011

George's Fritas aka Cuban Hamburgers

2/3 lb. ground chuck
1/3 lb. ground pork
2 Spanish Chorizo Sausages(ground up in a food processor)
Shoe string potatoes

Combine all ingredients, make patties and cook on medium heat as you would regular hamburgers, until done. He doesn't add salt or pepper because the chorizo has all the spices you need. You may have to turn them a couple of times because they tend to burn easily. Place on hamburger bun, top with ketchup and shoestring potatoes.

Hope you enjoy them, they make a nice Saturday lunch, at least that's what George says.

Lots of Love,



  1. Hi Joyce! I just started glancing at your blog and this recipe caught my eye! My husband is a super picky eater, but he LOVES chorizo sausage! This would be right up his alley!

  2. My Hubby was asking me the other day to be on the look-out for shoestring potatoes but the only place I've looked so far is Walmart and they did not have any.

    I hope you are "fine as frog hair" ;D

    Don't forget I'm having a giveaway...starts today and ends Wed next.

    Have a Happy Day!!☼

  3. Now that is interesting! Bet those are some good burgers too with chorizo in them, wooohooo!

    Have a great Easter weekend Joyce!


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