Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Sauce Was Nasty!!!!!

Okay, I know this looks good. But believe me it wasn't. We ate it, but we didn't like it too much. The meat was good, the potatoes were good, the cornbread was good, but the sauce was NOT good. I don't know what compelled me to add tomato to the sauce. I was experimenting, kinda sorta, and I screwed up. I have never been very good at making gravies and sauces. It was bitter, and I even tried adding sugar. Nothing helped. I felt so bad. Our saying is, "There's always Burger King"! And Burger King would have been so much better, but neither of us wanted to go, so we ate it anyway.

Just tellin it like it is......

Love ya, Joyce


  1. Well that happens :) But you're right...it looks good!

  2. Ha, you are funny, I love brutal honesty. Bad dishes always make the good ones more worthwhile:)


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