Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pakistani/Venezuelan Engagement Party

I am what you might call a free-lance bartender. I work for a friend of mine who owns a bartending service called fastbartending.com. Saturday night I worked an engagement party. The bride was Venezuelan and the groom was Pakistani. It was a traditional Pakistani ceremony. I had never seen anything like it before. It was amazing and beautiful. This is the plate of food that they brought over to me. From the potato and spinach at the top, on the left down to the rice was very spicy and had a flavor I have never experienced before. That was the Pakistani food. It was very "hot and spicy". The right side, the Venezuelan food, was the potato salad which is awesome, and the sliced beef with gravy.

The Bride & Groom

I must say that the evening was a new and wonderful experience. Everyone there was so friendly and nice. After the ceremony and the food, the party began, and they danced the night away!!! The DJ played the music of both cultures and they had a blast!!!!! They even invited me to dance with them. I would of loved to, except I couldn't leave the bar.

They threw rose pedals on the floor as they danced.

Everyone was wearing the most gorgeous clothing, jewelry and shoes. Me being the "shoe freak" that I am, I was checking out the beautiful shoes the woman were wearing, and the men too. These are the groom's shoes, I found them very interesting.

Isn't it funny what LOVE can do. It can bring people together from different parts of the world, who were raised in different cultures, and is blind to those differences. I could feel the LOVE from these people, and it was a wonderful thing.

I Wish You Love,



  1. what beautiful traditions to be able to explore. i bet you was having a great time just being able to watch. i love the colors and materials that the clothes are made from. makes us seem awful plain!

  2. Wow!!! that must me a cool dance and that food looks so good......Its must have been good if it was hot and spicy!!!!

  3. It sounds like a Hindi wedding - I haven't been to one of those but I have been to a couple of Sikh weddings and they are a lot of fun - fabulous food and dancing!

  4. Oh that sounds sointeresting, how lucky you got to experience it.

    The food looks delicious also. And Like you, I would have been looking at the shoes.


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