Saturday, May 23, 2009

SSO-Toll Booths

I know a lot of people are traveling this weekend. So maybe this is the wrong Saturday to talk about highway tolls, but I was just hoping they would suspend all the tolls for the weekend, since it is a holiday, and all...............not!!!!! Here's my question.

Can someone please tell me why the people who go through toll booths here in Florida and do not have a Sunpass have to pay 25 cents more. They also have to wait in long lines, because there's usually only one booth open for the No-Sunpass people. A Sunpass costs $25, and you have to have a debit or credit card attached to it in order to be charged for each toll you go through. Some people don't want to do that. I am one of them. I would rather just pay it as I go. Some people don't have credit cards or debit cards, or even bank accounts. So the less fortunate have to pay more and wait in line. Is it me, or is something really, really wrong here??????

I used to love it years ago, when I would drive up to the toll booth, grab a big hand full of pennies, nickles, and dimes out of my ashtray, and just start throwing them into the basket and let the machine do the counting for me. I liked hearing the cling clang as the coins went through the counter, then the arm would lift up and off I would go, so happy to get rid of all those pennies. And guess what? They probably owe me money for all those times I just threw in coins, not counting them, and overpaid.

Anyway, I have become an anti-toll person. I try not to go any route where I have to pay a toll. I do my best to avoid them. I take the free roads! Actually I get where I am going a lot quicker. Besides the highways in this town, where you have to pay a toll, are always backed up with traffic. Not only do you have to pay a toll, you are usually in a traffic jam before and after the toll booth. So what's the point. And, watch out for those exit and entrance tolls that get you unexpectedly and are 50 cents and up. You'll be thinking okay I made it without paying a toll, and when you exit, there's another toll to pay.

But my question still stands. Why do the less fortunate have to pay more? It's just something that bugs me. Aren't we all equal in the toll booth cameras eyes?

We do have a choice. We either travel the roads with toll boths or we don't.

So, I guess my idea of not having to pay tolls this Memorial Day weekend, is not going to happen. They could of just closed them down. Surprise us with something good, once in a while. Let the workers take the day off. Show us some love!

Oh well, I can dream can't I?

Have a good Saturday and Relax If You Can,


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