Sunday, May 31, 2009

Took a little walk around the yard this morning.

First stop is the Pink Hibiscus full of beautiful blooms. Can't stop taking pictures of it. It's just so pretty and pink.

A friend of mine makes chimes from pipe, wood, rocks, aluminum, and whatever else he can find. It has a low tone and sounds really nice on the front porch.

Our Little Italian Cypress Tree in front of the right column of the front porch.

Our Big Italian Cypress Tree in front of the left column of our front porch.
They are supposed to be the same size, but it's a long story. We bought them the same size???? We are hoping the little one will catch up on it's own.....not!!!!

Air plants in the Oak Tree in the front yard.

Our Mahogany Tree in the front yard.

My Mockingbird friend who hangs in the front yard. Her nest is in the Oak tree at the left of the picture. She makes all kinds of noises day and night, and is taking good care of her babies. Sometimes she swoops down and acts like she's going to attack me. But I understand she's watching our for her young'uns.

My tomato plant.

Coconut Tree and the beautiful sky in the backyard.

Yellow Flame Tree in the backyard is blooming. So pretty.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. It's a very lovely Sunday and I hope you are having a good day.

I Wish You Love and Lovely Things To Look At,



  1. Simply gorgeous!!! Especially the yellow flame tree - exquisite.

    Oldest and I just had an afternoon snack of newly picked cherry tomatoes. I'm so growing the larger ones next year as well. So good.

    Happy Sunday! Thanks for sharing those incredible pictures -E

  2. I love that pink hibiscus - everything looks great!!

    You should join in on Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday and show off your flowers! Check it out and join in.

  3. Oh, the pink hibiscus, gorgeous. Enjoy all the pictures actually, but thats my fav!

  4. absolutely perfect and crisp photos I loved the tomatoes still green and I can imagine them growing and getting red lovely. :) xx


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