Monday, June 15, 2009

For Mr. Tibbins:~)

Dear Mr. Tibbins:
Who ever you are???? Who left this comment under my recipe "George's Easy Cheese Cheddar 'n Bacon Hotdogs.

"here's to obesity, chronic disease and emotional turmoil!"

Lighten up, it's only a hotdog, with canned cheese spread on top. You can eat one or two, it won't give you a disease, and surely will not cause emotional turmoil, only a little tasty pleaure, because it's sooooo good.

Hope you have a very nice day and do me a favor "If you can't say something nice, hit backspace or close or forward and don't say anything at all". That's what my mom taught me!!!!!! It's just a blog. Maybe you should start your own blog and get out some of that frustration you seem to be holding in.

I Wish You Love, Peace, & Happiness,


BTW, I deleted your comment because your name was fake and took me nowhere when I tried to respond.


  1. Hey...I've been gone for a while, but you know what? I'd eat one of Georg's Easy Cheese Cheddar 'n Bacon Hotdogs!!! I'm going to fix one RIGHT NOW.
    For crying out loud Mr. Tibbins...STOP BEING RUDE!!!
    This is something we all do for fun....and it's okay if we all don't eat the same things.'s okay. That's the fun of it.

    You go Joyce!!

  2. Good for you! Probably some idiot juvenile anyway trying to get a rise out of ya. Guess he better not come to visit me cuz he'll have a heart attack just lookin' at my southern cookin'!!! Seriously though, why some folks feel compelled to make stupid a** comments like that is beyond me. If ya don't like a blog, um.. HELLO... just make like a tree and LEAVE!! :)

    That said ... I have been craving hot dogs lately. I took a pack out of the freezer to make some chili dogs, but then I've been on a corn dog kick for about a week or two now. I think I've heat one for lunch almost every day. Okay. It might have been two.

    I used to love that cheese in can too!! I never think to buy it, but I used to just squirt it right into my mouth LOL. Of course, I would nevah do that now.... Love it on crackers and stuff - it's just so easy and so convenient. Yum!

  3. Debbie, you are so right. Thanks

    Mary, you are too funny, and you can squirt a little in your mouth if you want, it won't hurt

    Love y'all, Joyce

  4. All this talk about hotdogs is making me hungry, now I think I'll go fix me one.....

  5. oh that sounds so yummy!
    i would love to have one. but just one!

  6. That is great. Good for you. Please, its only food.

  7. You go their Joyce way to let them have it. We will never please all the people all the time. Huggs

  8. *Standing ovation* Well said, Joyce! Way to put a good ol' Southern "Bless Your Heart" on him!

    - Leia (TennZen)


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