Friday, June 26, 2009

My Dishtowel

I'm not a photographer at all, I just like taking pictures. George gave me a camera for my last birthday and I have been hooked ever since. I love it and have a lot of fun with it. I also enjoy "fixin up" the pictures up after I upload them with the program that came with the camera. I can edit brightness, D-lighting HS, color booster, photo effects, sharpening, straighten, crop, like I did below. I added a little bit more color, brightened it up and cropped it, and this is the result. Some of the pictures I have taken look really pro I have to admit. And it wasn't because I know what I am doing. It's the wonderful camera.

You can do a lot more adjusting, like get rid of red eye, rotate, and other things I have to learn, to make the picture look better and it's fun to experiment with it. My camera is a Nikon Coolpix 7.1 Megapixels, VR & ISO 1000, 2.5 inch LCD, and it was not expensive. It is an awesome camera especially for someone like me who did not know anything about taking pictures before I got it. If I can do it, you sure can.

I Wish You Love and Great Pics To Enjoy & Cherish.



  1. Cameras are pretty amazing these days and you really don't have to know much about them either, thankfully!! I keep thinking I'm gonna play around with my DSLR but point and shoot is just so much easier!!

  2. Pretty! Cameras & photo-editing sites are saviors!

  3. isn't it amazing how you can take an everyday piece of cloth and make it look like an expensive painting!

    bravo to you


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