Saturday, August 1, 2009

On My Counter

I don't know what's wrong, but I just don't feel like bloggin too much lately. But I do love takin pics. Hopefully I'll get over it and post some new recipes and tales soon. I think it's just "the summetime blues", or maybe I am just overwhelmed by what's happening in this wonderful country of ours.(notice I said "ours") So I hope everyone just keeps enjoyin their vacations and fun with their families, cause all hells gonna break loose when school starts again!!!!!!



P.S. I bought all these lovely fruits and veggies from the veggie guy for nine dollars! There were more grapes but we ate half of them before I could get the camera out to take the picture. I love him so!!!


  1. It is hard to post alot. I dont know how some people do it. Just do what you can because we love the stuff you post.:>

  2. I know!!! School starts in 2 weeks here...ugh.

  3. The fruit looks wonderful!
    I understand about the finding time and energy to blog often.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. That looks beautiful and so tasty! I love snacking on grapes too

  5. Blogging should be fun - take it at your own pace and don't worry about it! I think a lot of people feel pressured to blog something every single day like some of the bigger blogs do - but they get high dollar advertising sponsors and once that happens, they have to keep at it to keep their page hits up. Seems to take a lot of fun out of it in a way and just makes it strictly business. So, if you're doing it for fun, have fun with it and blog when you feel like it!!

    I still can't believe school is starting soon - I think the main school closest to me starts next week on Thursday! It almost feels like it just let out. It's really been a fairly quiet summer here in my neighborhood - odd because it's usually pretty noisy!

    Looks like you got a pretty good deal there! I miss the old timey veggie stands that used to be scattered around town. Now it's either remember to make it to the farmers market on the days they are there, or catch somebody selling something out of the back of a truck wherever they happen to be.

    Have you ever frozen your grapes? They're a pretty good snack on a hot day.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is nice - relax, enjoy it! You're grandchildren will be back every day soon, right? Maybe you're just missing them??

  6. I agree with what Mary said, your own pace is best or it is no fun at all. Makes it a job and lets face it unless you are a biggie.. there's no real $$ in it. I enjoy whatever you do find the time to post. XXOO

  7. Thanks to everyone for their kind words......that's why I got into bloggin in the first place...all you wonderful blogettes!!!!!

  8. dont they say a picture is worth a thousand words
    think your still blogging

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the pic of all the fresh fruits and veggies! I agree with the others... once blogging becomes a "job" it takes all the fun out of it... take a break :)


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