Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homework @#$%^&*)

The middle one does his homework everyday without a word. He just does it! He is a wonderful boy!!!

Youngest would rather be playing and complains, says she doesn't want to do it, drops her pencil on the floor like 15 times and takes soooo long to pick it back up again!!!! But after talking to her she did it and very well I might add.

Oldest does her's and helps the others, no problem!

So I had a little talk with youngest about how she needs an education and needs to fill her brain with information everyday in order to be a smart grown up, and to be successful in life. With little tears in her eyes she said "Okay, Mimi." Then my eyes filled with tears too. She then ran off to play and I thought what a joy they bring to my life!!!!!!!!!

I Wish You Love and The Joy of Having Grandchildren In Your Life,


  1. oh the homework delemia of the creative mind
    how hard it is to sit down and think
    when inside your just dancing

  2. I agree Lynette, I would rather be dancing!!!!

  3. I feel you! I have of each. One that gets it done no prob, one like your youngest that looks for any excuse not to do the work,and the last one is a combination of the other two. :) Gotta love 'em! They make life interesting!

  4. The only thing missing in my life is a grandchild... Two grown sons, but no kids!


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