Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday Night Football/Dolphins vs. Colts

This is my place of employment.

It's just a beautiful place.

It was a beautiful day, but very hot and humid.

I arrive five hours before game time.

Reporters getting ready.

These sand castles were at the entrance of the stadium.

Tailgaters and BBQ!!!!

The pool.

Jimmy Buffet was performing.

The bar that I supervised.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan arriving.

Somewhere in the middle of this crowd is J-Lo and Marc Anthony.

The ramp after the game was over, it tilts downward so you walk fast.

These buses take us back to our cars which we parked at Calder Race Course, about 3 blocks from the stadium.

These ramps are keeping me in shape, walking up the ramp and down the ramp.

Too bad we lost!!!!!!!




  1. WOW... thanks for sharing, sounds like a great job.

    Sorry about this, but GO PATS!

  2. Those are amazing sand castles. What fun to have a pool at the stadium. I can see how you can get a workout up and down the ramps.

  3. I want to tailgate and go to a game! Sounds & looks like fun! Love the intensity and energy at sporting events!


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