Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dolphins vs. The Saints, Idol's Kris Allen & The Fans

It was a very beautiful day but soooo awful HOT!!!!! I am still hoping for cool weather by next weeks game, I would love to put on the only sweater that I own.

I went to take a look at the field as I always do before the game, and there I saw American Idol's Kris Allen tossing the football around, and I was lucky enough to catch some pics of him.

The New Orleans Saints were in the big house and so were a lot of their fans who were very siked up, and dressed for the occasion.

They even have Saints sandals.

Dolphin fans.

And this must be Mrs. Miami Doplhin.

because she was AWESOME!!!!!

I was working, but I also had such a wonderful day watching people.

I Wish You Love,



  1. Great pics! Football fans are an interesting lot and with Saints fans you never know what you'll get!! Mrs. Miami there is pretty darned cool gotta say.

    Love the redecorating!

  2. These are my favorite posts to read... Keep them up

  3. The Detroit Lions had a great week! They didn't have to play, so they couldn't lose!

  4. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Dolphins lost.....oh well, it was fun for me just being there. Thanks for all your comments:)

  5. I want, no I NEED to get to a game!


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