Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Our Gang" Halloween 2009

These kids live on the same street and have been friends for about five years. They have grown up together, playing basketball and football and hide & seek, listening to music and dancing, riding bikes and skateboards. They even get in trouble together. They celebrate their birthdays together. Whenever I go to visit, they are always outside playing and hanging out with each other. I have watched them grow and love that they continue to have each other to play with. It is a wonderful thing. They will always remember this time in their lives. They are such a happy group and truly "Our Gang".

I Wish Them Love and Happiness,


  1. Maybe it's the economy and not as much commercialization, but this year's Halloween seemed to be more fun than usual.. Great sentiment in your post

  2. What a great group of ghouls you have there!! I agree that the attitude about Halloween seems to be changing here too.

  3. that is why it is great to live in the same place while your children are growing
    so they can be part of a community of friends

  4. That's terrific! You're right those will be the friends they are able to pick up with even when they've gone their separate ways.

  5. How fun! I miss all these good times. My kids are all grown up, but I sure have some good memories.


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