Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six Days on the Beach = "Rejuvenation"

The Sunrise's were just breathtaking.  I would wake up early in the morning and go straight to the window and look, grab my camera, walk onto the beach, feel the cool sand on my bare feet and snap away, while enjoying the most beautiful sunrises I have every seen.

We arrived in the afternoon the first day.  

This was the first morning, Day 2.  

Day 3,  the color pink arose and stayed for a while.

Eventually the pink went away and our sun started to come out from behind the clouds, and reflect upon the water.

Day 4 was yellow and breathtaking and amazing and so beautiful that I could not believe my eyes.....could this be real?

Yes, it was, and I was feeling so good, so wonderful, sitting on the beach,  just me and this sun, the seagulls, and this ocean.

If this is what heaven looks like, I definitely want to go.

The afternoons were awesome too.

It was very sunny and hot!

So, jumping into the ocean was not a question.

We took walks in the mornings, did some shopping in the afternoons, took a swim , and had dinner in the evening, all at the same need for a car:)

People took early morning walks, runs, and bicycle rides.

This is what's left of my "Jack & Coke"...I was so thirsty!

The food a Nick's was good.


Nana had fried shrimp.  Diets went out the window!

In the afternoons we would lay out on the beach.  That's my mom.

Or we would take walks on the beach.  My mom aka: Nana, enjoyed herself too!

Or we would sit and put out feet in the sand....which I did a lot of.  

The kids loved playing on their boards and jumping the waves.

They rode the three wheelers and we took bike rides.

This is the motel.  It's not that luxurious, but it works, has a kitchenette, and the view is priceless!

And then came the evenings.

Moon rising.

Getting dark.

It was nice and cool sitting on the beach in the evening........ah, with my feet in the sand. lol

The motel at night.

The sun would go down, the moon would rise and the music would start.

Our last day was a rainy one and so we did what anyone would do....we played in the rain!!!

The kids made sand castles in he sprinkling rain, and would run get in the ocean to rinse the sand off.

They had a lot of fun.

The rain stopped for a little while, but came back and it didn't matter, it was time to go home:(

It was real and it was I guess you could say it was real fun!!!!

I really enjoyed my vacation and it was a long time coming.  We should all take a vacation at least once a year, for our health, for our mind, and for our soul.

I Wish You Love,


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  1. thanks for sharing with us....felt a relief just looking


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