Saturday, October 23, 2010

Politics and religion.....

Please don't talk to me about politics or religion.  I don't have to know your political views or who you pray to,  in order to like or love you. Politics and religion are topics I try not to discuss with anyone, even my family members.  I think that what I believe in as an individual should be private and only expressed at the voting booth or when I pray.

Having been a bartender for many years and having my regulars,  who not only considered me their perfect drink maker, but one they could tell their life stories to, I really never liked getting into their religion or their politics.  Now their personal lives, that was another story.  They knew I was a good listener and they could tell me anything and everything.   They knew I would never repeat it to anyone, cross my heart....hope to die.  I got really close to a few of my regular customers, some of them remain my good friends today.  I used to say that I not only served them their drinks just the way they liked them,  but I was in a way their therapist too.  

I watch a lot of news on the television, and I read a lot, I am always on the internet.   I listen to a lot of people who discuss politics and religion all the time, and I appreciate that.  I admire the fact the they say what they believe in and I learn a lot by listening to them.  They help me make decisions politically.  They show me what some people will do for religions sake.  

Politics and religion is behind just about everything that goes on in the world today and since the beginning of time.  I'll agree with that.  It all comes down to politics and religion.

So please don't ask me about politics or religion, for my views and beliefs may not be the same as yours.  I will not try to make you believe what I believe in if you don't try to make me believe what you believe in.  To me it's all about knowing the difference between good and bad, right and wrong,  loving and not hurting anyone.   Being different is what makes the world go round.  It shouldn't be any other way.   

Just trying to keep it real.

I Wish You Love,


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