Monday, November 1, 2010

Showing some love.....

Avocados are falling all over South Florida this time of year and my mom's trees is loaded.  Every morning she collects what has fallen during the afternoon and night before. The subdivision where my mom lives and where I grew up is called Avocado Heights, and everyone had a tree in their backyard and my family loved them.  We called them avocado pears.  We ate them everyday, with our meals, with a little salt and pepper.  We threw chunks of them in our salads.  We even smashed them up and made a mask for our faces, not to mention for guacamole.  They are a fruit you know.  These are of the Persea Americana family.  The three basic families are Mexican, Guatemalan, and West Indian. 

Anyway, I knocked on my neighbors door and when she opened it the smell of what she was cooking for dinner overwhelmed me.  It was one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world, not kidding!  I gave her the avocados and she was thanking me and I was just telling her how wonderful her house smelled and asked her what she was cooking.    A little while later I heard my door bell ring.  There she was offering me this plate of wonderful food that she had cooked for her family for dinner.   My mouth started watering when she handed me the plate of food.   I was soooooo delighted.   Pork, beans and rice, and yuca with onions and typical Cuban flavors.......and with a couple slices of avocado.......well what more can I say?  Just look at this!!!!  She was really showing me some love, and I took it.  Actually I kind of grabbed it and thanked her with all of my heart.

I have to say that my favorite way to eat avocado with with Cuban food, namely beans and rice, or chicken and rice, or black beans and rice, and on and on........I wish you could smell this!!!!!!

This lovely lady can cook!!!!  I look forward to taking her more avocados!!!!  Hint, Hint!!!!!!!

I Wish You Love,


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  1. Lucky you indeed - a plateful of Cuban food from a neighbor and avocados right off a tree!


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