Sunday, December 19, 2010

112th Street.....

There was a vacant lot on our street and remained so for many years.  It was the perfect place for playing.  It had a big tree and was overgrown because no one ever cleaned it up or mowed it.  There were bushes, big coral rocks, sand, sticks, hills to run up and down, and trails we followed which were made by us running back and forth through it day after day for years.  It was like we had our own little jungle to play in.  We'd climb up in the tree and swing from ropes we had hung on the branches and play Tarzan, yelling as he did "Ah... ah ah ah....ah ah". We played freely without boundaries and without fear.

There were a lot of kids born on our street. I'd have to say at least eighteen, just on 112th Terrace.  Many more kids from the whole neighborhood would come play with us too.  We played Simon Says, dodge ball, tether ball, hop scotch, hide and seek, and softball.  We rode our tricycles, bicycles, skates, peddle fire trucks, some homemade vehicles.

We played from the time we got up in the morning until the evening when our parents called us in for supper.

We were all born on that street.  We went from Kindergarten to high school together.  We went to church together and sang in the choir.  We spent the night at each others houses, and we ate together.  Our families were good friends and neighbors who could depend on each other in times of need. We laughed and cried, we sang songs and told each other stories,  we dreamed and screamed but most of all...... we loved.

It was a glorious time.

I Wish You Love,


P.S.  Happy Birthday Johnny Angel, I miss you so.


  1. What you described could have been my neighborhood! We had one of those empty lots too - right behind a church - and there were many a game played there. And neighbors who knew and cared about each other. I sure miss those days.

  2. I so agree, I miss those times too. We did the same....all over the neighborhood. Played til we had to sit and rest...most of the time with our feet in the creek. Wish the kids today had this life.


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