Friday, December 31, 2010

We are cooking Cuban Style. What are you cooking?????

George and I will be cooking a typical Cuban meal for tonight.  The menu is  pork roast, moros (blackbeans and rice together), yuca, and Cuban bread.  I will be taking pics. Also, at midnight a glass of Champagne and twelve grapes, one for each month of 2011.

The pork will be slow cooked in the oven at 250 degrees all day.  It has been marinating all night in bitter orange juice with garlic cloves stuck in it, and rubbed with salt.   The smell will penetrate thoughout the house all day.....yummy!!!!!! 

 Pork is marinating since last night and will go into the oven around noon.

 The marinade, along with fresh garlic, sea salt and bay leaf.

 The trinity for the black beans.

 Mojo for the cooked pork and mojo for the yucca.

 You must use parboiled rice for the moros.

 Black beans have been soaking all night.

Champagne and red seedless grapes.

Are you celebrating at home?  If so what's on your menu?

We Wish You Love,

G & J

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  1. I am loving it! growing up in Miami, I so miss a good cuban meal. This looks wonderful.

    Happy New Year!


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