Saturday, June 11, 2011

We took a little drive.....

We took a drive today and it was really nice.  We drove down Krome Avenue from Kendall to Homestead.  If we had kept going, we would have ended up in Key West, which would have been fantastic.  We'll do that next time.  I took a few pics.  You could see the smoke from the fires out in the Everglades.  All the farmers markets, which are right on their farms,  were busy with people buying fresh fruits and vegetables. There were tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, cabbage, limes, bananas, watermelon, lychee's, mangoes,  and lots of corn too.  At one stand we saw peaches, which is my favorite, and I am sure they had to be brought in from Georgia.  Most the the stands make fresh fruit shakes and smoothies.   We saw horses and ponies, and goats, and a couple llamas.  All the plants nurseries, and feed stores were busy too.  It was a really enjoyable sight seeing tour that made us feel like we were in the country, and not really that far from our home.  It's nice living here in Miami, because you have the best of many different worlds, from the farmland, to the Everglades, to the beaches, and everything in between.

Silver Palm Drive, Southwest 232 Street, going East

Old General Store on Silver Palm Drive in the Redlands
Still going south.
Going South on Krome Avenue looking towards Everglades fires.

The smoke from the fires.
This is what we saw when we first arrived at the shopping center in Kendall, we thought it was rain coming until we realized it was the smoke from the fires in the Everglades.
People buying hay, and feed for their animals.

Plant nurseries are in abundance and you can also buy these big rocks for your garden.

I hope you have a really nice weekend,  and I am also hoping for some much needed rain.
 I Wish You Love,


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