Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing down my thoughts at 4 am.....

 The Last Night
     This it the last night I will sleep in this house. But I cannot sleep. Tomorrow at 8 am the movers arrive. I have everything ready. Everything except for myself. I am sad. I'm being sentimental. I love this house. Of all the houses I have lived in, this one is my favorite. I was the first person to walk in this new home and I will be the last to walk out.
     I will miss some things I never took for granted. The Jacuzzi bath which I filled with bubbles and laid back to relax in at the end of the day. The dishwasher that I was so thankful to have. The garage was the first and only I have ever had, and I loved opening it with the remote and just driving in. The Mediterranean style living room and dining room was so beautiful to me and so pleasing to my eyes. My office where I went to express my feelings about love and life with stories and poems, that looked out over the front yard where I could hear the birds and watch people walking, and cars going by.
     So tomorrow I will leave you, with the smell of my perfume that lingers where I dressed. The aroma of delicious home cooked meals in your kitchen. The music that I danced to that echoed down the hall. I leave you with my words, my dreams, my passions, my deepest desires, my thoughts, my secrets, my wishes, my laughter, my happiness, my pain, and my tears........knowing gladly that your walls cannot talk.
     I will take with me the memories, knowing I will never be back, but thankful for the time I had here.

                                                                     ~ jj

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