Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Gardenia Bush is looking good so far.....

I am on a mission to grow a beautiful gardenia bush and have lots and lots of good smelling beautiful gardenias.  She's coming along.  All the buds have fallen off so far, but I will keep trying.

This is when I first brought her home and transplanted her into this planter, then fertilized, and watered. 

This is today.  Looking good so far.  I put her on a plate with stones that I keep with water for humidity which I have read that she needs.  I not dare move her or touch her, just water once and week and fertilize once a month.  I do, however look at her a lot and silently ask her to please give me some gardenias, as they are my favorite flower in the whole wide world.

I Wish You Love,


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