Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time To Get in the Pick-Up Line

Here I am arriving at the pick-up line at school. You have no idea what could happen while waiting in this line. Once in a while you have a parent who is in a hurry and breaks the rules. OMG........parent rage is something to be seen and not to mess with. Like getting out of their cars and going after the "wrong doers"!!!! When they first started the pick-up line a member of the police department was on hand in case things did get "out of hand". Now it is relatively organized. Of course, the teachers, principals, school guards spend most of the afternoon waving, and waving, and waving, for the "picker upers" to keep moving, and moving and go to the end and stop, and wait for the kid to jump in the cars, while the car is still moving (not really), or telling kids to walk all the way down to the end where the parents are forced to go to and stop and wait for them. It is an experience that every parents, grandparent, and family member, or just "picker uper" should go through.

I get there a little early before the line gets so long that you are a block away and around the corner.

Now you can see it's getting busier.

The bell rang and the kids are starting to come out.

Jump in the car, put on your seat belt and give your brother a hug. This is when she tells him, "I saw you in the cafeteria, or library, or on your way to phys ed".

He really loves it when she hugs him, as you can see.

I had already picked her up, she's at a different school. Her story comes later.

We took a detour and went to K-Mart for a few things and the girls tried on some hats.

She didn't want to at first, but I convinced her.

Sooooooooooo serious!!!! Must be a teen thing.

Now she, however, is lovin it.

She's a ham.

Finally on the way home it was looking like rain, and getting cooler.

Here she is mail in hand. They take turns getting the mail out of the box. I just tell them I really don't want the mail or the bills that come with it, so they make it a point to count how many envelopes I get which I really don't want to hear it.

Right before they went in I asked them to turn around for the pic. All they want to do at this point is to go inside, drop the book bags, take off their shoes, wash up and that's when I hear those famous words "Mimi, I'm thirsty, and what do you have to eat?"

And so the school day is over. Yet, it's not over because after the snack and qenching of thirsts, the homework begins.

And then, finally the homework is done, so they play!!!!!!

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