Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sprinklers

Yesterday I took the drive to mom's house. The drive is from Cutler Bay to Miami. I decided to take US1 all the way to I95. Bad decision. Traffic was horrible. So it took me longer than usual, over and hour to get there. I enjoyed it though, because I was listening to Andrea Bocelli, trying to sing along too, I think I strained my throat trying to reach those high notes.

Anyway, I picked up mom and we went to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of my dad, my brother, and grandparents. Well, when we got there the big sprinklers were on. Omg.... it was so surreal because anyone who went to visit my parents house a lot of times, well most of the time, had to dodge the sprinklers. My dad was always working in the yard, and I think he enjoyed watching everyone run around trying not to get wet by his sprinklers. So, we dodged the sprinklers. We would wait until we were out of range and run to the graves, put the flowers on and then run back and wait for it to come around again. Of course, we got wet, but we didn't care, we were laughing hysterically. What might have been a sad day turned into a fun day for me and my mom, thanks to those sprinklers.

All Our Love, Mimi & Nana

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