Monday, February 2, 2009

Avocado Tree Cross

My mom gave me this avocado tree that she planted from a seed from her backyard tree. The most wonderful tasting avocados I have ever had. At harvest time that's just all we think about is avocados. We eat them as a side dish with everything, we salt them , we salt, pepper, oil & vinegar them, we put mayo on them, we throw them in our salad, we make guacamole, we smash them up and make a mask for our face. Wow, isn't it funny how it's growing, like a cross, like it's facing my back door, like maybe it's blessing my house. Kinda weird don't you think. I can't help but think this every time I walk out my back door and see it. It's just right there looking like a cross. It's been like that since I planted it, and just continues to grow this way. No other branches are coming out yet. I don't know, just me, justjoycee!!!!!!! Whatev..................J

P.S. Anyone who wants an avocado plant, go see Nana........she's got a whole bunch started! And, I know my fence needs painting, we have it on our list of things to do around the house. Whatev..................

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