Monday, April 6, 2009

All The Leaves Are Brown..........And I Can't Find My Rake!

I took this picture last month.

All the leaves are falling as you can see in this picture I took today.

I owe Tyler & Nishelle for raking my whole front yard, and doing a real good job too. I didn't know I owed them until they finished and showed me the trash bin filled to the top with the leaves. Sweat was running down their cute little cheeks, and one of them made a little discreet remark about how much was I going to pay them. Of course they didn't mention the $$$$$ when I was getting them the rakes. They were all excited saying they wanted to rake the front yard. I'm like that's cool, are you sure? Oh yeah they were sure! Now I have to pay!!!!!!! They want cold hard cash, but I have a better idea!!!!

I Should Have Seen That Coming......hehehehehe,

Take care,

Love, Mimi

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  1. Kids LOL!! I'm so sick of leaves I could scream - actually that is what I've been doing today, raking! I coulda used a few kids today. I think the leaves are just about done though - mine are oaks and they shed their old leaves as they get the new ones in spring. LOTS of leaves. Once the little squiggly things start falling (I have no idea what they're called) I know that the leaves are just about done, so hopefully most of the raking is pretty much over. Yay!


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