Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keepin Up With Nana At The Thrift Store

This Goodwill Store is one that my mom and I frequent. It is just amazing to me all the stuff that they have. You can find really old stuff, new stuff with the tags still it, really weird stuff, and everyday stuff at bargain prices.

They have artwork.

Baby shoes.

Baby car seats, strollers, etc.

Name brand ladies shoes.

Ladies boots.

Brown shoes.

VHS Tapes.

More pictures.


More framed art.

Stuffed animals & toys.

Bicycle helmets, Barbie Dolls's, Ken's, & Lots of other dolls.

Purses in every color and style.

Ceramics, figurines, vases, candle holders, pin boxes, etc.

What is that?

Kitchen stuff.

Men's shirts.

More shoes & purses.

More house stuff.

Red purse.


Lamp & Lamp shades.

Glasses, wine glasses, cups, saucers, and more plates.

Fondue, and other stuff.

Men's, Women's & Kids clothes.

Kids toys, pillows, and all kinds of books.

In this bin there are cook books, tennis balls, a manicure set, and a lot of other stuff.

It is amazing what you can find, if you like looking. This is only one of the many thrift stores in the county that we go to. They are all over the place. I would say that my mom, who goes more often that I do, goes to about ten stores on a weekly basis. When we take the kids they just love it and have a blast picking out what they like. It is the "hunt of a bargain" that my mom loves, and I would have to agree, it's a lot of fun too.

So if you are one who enjoys thrift stores and yard sales, enjoy and happy bargain hunting.



  1. WOW!!! that was a lot of pictures of the store..... but at least you had fun

  2. enjoying working my way around your site.
    so like me. love thrift stores, garage sales and great bargains.
    the southern food is what i have grown around but i am changing my ways of eating so have to change some of that too. well a lot of it.
    i want to thank you for following my blog. i feel honored.
    hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.


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