Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek & Coal Fired Pizza

Creating and cooking great, unbelieveable meals was not on my agenda this week. I just didn't feel like posting tremendously innovative recipes on my blog, either. Mainly I was concerned with filling hungry stomachs, and getting through the week making sure everyone who depends on me was happy. I just wanted today to get here asap! You see, me and my main squeeze are going to the movies and eating out today. We've been planning this for two weeks. I don't have to cook today. Yay!!!!!!!

We haven't been to the movie theater in maybe ten years or more. That's because we have our own "Home Theater" and do the Netflix thing. We haven't been out to eat in a long time either, and thats because we like cooking at home. So you can imagine how excited we are. We woke up at 6 am this morning, when we could have slept in. We are soooo excited, like two kids. We are going to see "Star Trek" at the movie theater!!!!! Then we are going to have pizza at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, which just opened this week.'s gonna be so much fun:)

I Wish You Love & Dinner And A Movie With Your Man Every Now And Then,



  1. Oh yay!!!! That should be so much fun. Everyone needs a good dinner and a movie date once and awhile. Let us know how much fun you have!!

  2. Also going to see Star Trek tonight and out for dinner

  3. Sorry you didn't get the pizza - I rarely go to new places when they first open for that reason. Always a wait! How was the movie? I used to be a Star Trek fan - watched it every day!


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