Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I See Everyday

Looking out my front door. Our house faces east so sunrise is at our front door. Sunset at our back door.

Our front yard.

The bird nest in our oak tree. Every year they make one in this particular tree.

Pink Hibiscus Tree.

It's blooming.

This is a mockingbird. Our state bird. This one is keeping an eye on her nest.

I guess she didn't want me taking her picture. Geez.....

Looking out our backdoor.

Looking southwest towards the Keys.

I discovered the wasp nest under my porch overhang. I won't bother them if they don't bother me.

New Gardenia bush my mom gave me. The Gardenia is my most favorite flower.

The tomato plant is huge but I only see three tomatoes on it.

Coconut trees on the southeast side, produces year round. We have a couple guys who come and harvest them a couple times a year because coconut milk is a very popular drink around here.

Our big shade tree on the southwest corner. I need to find out the name of it. The flowers are yellow.

Since our neighbors palms got so big, we don't see the sunsets as well as we used to, but now we have more shade, so it's a good thing.

So that's what I see everyday. I really love this part of town. I love being able to still see farm land that has not been developed yet. I know they are coming though. So I cherish what I see for now. The Atlantic Ocean is just east of us, we can be in Key Largo in 30 minutes. We have lived here since 2002 and the developers were going crazy building houses and shopping centers. Now, it has come to a complete stop. So hopefully we will be able to enjoy this beautiful land a while longer.

I Wish You Love & Beautiful Scenes of Nature For Your Eyes To See,



  1. Very nice - love the tropical stuff! And the Keys... oh what wonderful memories I have of Miami, Key West and Ft. Lauderdale!

    I had forgotten that Florida and Mississippi shared the Mockingbird as their state bird!

    Thanks for sharin' your view. Have a great weekend!!

  2. You live in a true little bit o' paradise there

  3. How cool is that, coconut tree!! What a lovely site to see every day!

  4. So pretty!! Makes me want to leave the desert. (for a nice long visit)


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