Friday, July 10, 2009

An Award and Some Things You Might Not Know About Me!

I received this award from Gypsy Mommy's Kitchen. It was so nice of her, and I am so grateful.

So, I am now up to rule #4 which is where I have to name "7 Things About Myself That People Might Find Interesting". So here goes.

1. I am a native Miamian, born and raised in Miami, Florida and my parents are too.

2. I speak fluent Spanish and fool a lot of people who think I am lying when I tell them I am not Spanish but Irish, Italian, German, & Cherokee Indian. They see my dark hair and eyes and assume that I am Cuban, especially here in Miami. Believe me, it is a very good thing to know Spanish in Miami!!!!!

3. I am a Mortgage Broker but there are no mortgages to be had in this area at this time, the economy is so bad, and some neighborhoods look like ghost towns.

4. I love reading and learning about different cultures, their beliefs, religion, and especially the different types of foods they eat.

5. I hate liars.

6. I love everything about the 50's, the clothes and shoes, the hairstyles, the Ladies and the Gentlemen.

7. I believe in unconditional love.

So these are some things about me, believe me there is much much more!!!

Next #5 is where I nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers, and they are:

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I Wish You Love and I Look Forward To Your Future Posts Which I Enjoy So Much,

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  1. Congrats on your award Joyce! And thank you soooo much for passing it on to me, I'm honored :) I love learning tasty little tidbits about fellow bloggers :)

  2. Thank you times ten for thinking of me!!!

    Loved learning more bout you. I hate despise liars also.. I also have a thing against phonies.

  3. Congrats Joyce and thanks so much for thinking of little ole me!!


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