Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aqua & Orange Baby!!!!!!

It is s beautiful stadium.

Landshark Stadium (I still call it Joe Robbie Stadium)

Home of the Miami Dolphins

I worked here last night for the first time as Beverage Manager, at this bar.
I will be working all the Dolphin games, and the U of M games, and The Superbowl!!!!

Are you ready for the football???




  1. You lucky, lucky girl. I am extremely jealous, the stadium is beautiful, but I am die hard JET fan so I can/t compliment it too much...lol

  2. Can never get enough of football. Love the sport and we go every season no matter what state we live in. Lucky you to be at all the games.

  3. Oh cool! Thanks for the private tour. Now I know who to call if we ever hit town for a game too!! ;)

  4. Yes, I'm ready! One of my twin boys plays football and he's been the starting running back for his team for the two years he's played! Nothing like seeing your baby breaking tackles and running into the endzone. He leads his team in rushing and touchdowns scored. Yes,I'm an the proud mama of two athletic boys! I LOVE it! All that energy!

    That's very cool that you'll be in the midst of it!

  5. What a fun job, I wanna join you! Yes, gorgeous stadium indeed.

  6. The Real U of M is in Michigan! M GO BLUE! We suck right now, but stay tuned....


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