Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grilled London Broil

Rub the london broil with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Sprinkle with a little Worcestershire sauce.

Let is sit while the grill is getting hot, I put my two burners on medium.

I give it a good spray with Pam, and put it on the grill.

I only turn it over once. I threw some onion on the grill too. Just salt and pepper it.

Slice it and there you have it. I made onion gravy and put a little on top. Served it with mashed potatoes, and a salad.

This was our meal last night.

I'll tell ya, grillin is easy and doesn't take long, so my cook time has been drastically reduce, and clean up is a snap. Hopefully, (and we feel better already), we can lose a few pounds. We are also cutting down on the amount, smaller portions. I am really glad we decided to do this, because we are eating much healthier.

I Wish You Love,


P.S. This is my 150th post, I went right by my 100th and didn't even notice. Wow, time sure flies when your having fun!!!! Thanks everyone for make my blogging experience so memorable......Love you guys!!!!! The internet is a wonderful thing:).


  1. Congrats on 150, wowza..we love you too!!

    Perfect looking london broil.

  2. Oh my gosh...yum! I love London Broil! Congrats on 150 :D

  3. Congrats to you, great looking London Broil.

  4. what a way to celebrate with good food good friends and promises to be good to yourself

  5. London broil is my favorite cut of meat. We had it this past weekend and I made it very similar to yours. Instead of using a couple different seasonings, I used montreal steak seasoning and worcestershire sauce, then let it marinade for a bit, then threw 'em on the grill. Yum! Nothing better.

  6. This looks yummy!

    Could you tell me how to butterfly a chicken breast???

    Thanks and I am so glad you are blogging!♥

  7. Hey, Joyce! Congrats on 150! I'm not even sure what # I'm on. It does go by fast when we're having fun!

    Good for you that you're improving your eating habits. I need to. My Honey and I just need to not eat after 7. That's our biggest problem. Okay, and maybe I don't need two servings of dessert. :)

  8. Now that's a Lond BRoil cooked the way I like it! it looks perect inside and out. Congrats on your 150!

  9. Come back to and share your Elvis story. I have posted a Mister Linky for all of us to do that. I think it will be fun:) Congrats.


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