Monday, August 10, 2009

Grillin Monday Through Friday!!!!!

I have this wonderful top of the stove Cast Iron Grill/Griddle. This is a heavy pre seasoned cast iron piece, rectangular, and covers two burners on a cook top. One side is flat as a griddle, the flip side is a grill. It doesn't give off much smoke because I just spray Pam on it and it is a wonderful way to grill inside. I am grilling Monday through Friday. It is easy, quick, and very tasty, and my main purpose is to eat healthier and hopefully lose a few pounds.

Butterfly the chicken breast, salt, pepper and garlic powder it, spray grill with Pam and lay it on the grill, turn once.

This is fresh squash and zucchini sliced and salt and peppered that I also grilled and the taste was awesome.........

I serve another vegetable or salad, and that's our meal.
No frying and not "whites" Monday through Friday.

Take care everyone and have a great week!!!!

I Wish You Love & Good Health,


  1. oh that looks so wonderful
    can i just drool on the screen

  2. I'm wondering if I could use this on an electric stove? Healthy eating is definately in my future! These pictures look like good clean eating!☺

  3. Perfect!! Those veggies look perfect!!

  4. Wow...well, good for you!! I wouldn't mind grillin' every day :D Everything looks delicious to me!

  5. I have a grill pan that I really need to use more. (I do use my George Foreman though.)

    That zucchini and squash looks delish!

  6. Keep up the beautiful work on your blog. Love the picture of the stadium. Also your new fall page. Hope we can beat the Saints on Sunday. Mary


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