Saturday, August 8, 2009

" I would like a vodka Martini, straight up, dry, with three olives please."

My favorite drink and how I make it.

2 Ounces Vodka
Fill shaker with ice, add vodka,
swirl vodka around ice to chill, do not shake.
Pour into martini glass, add 3 olives.
Just divine!!!!!!
I Wish You Love & And A Good Martini,


  1. Now stuff some blue cheese in those olives, and I'll meet you somewhere for a sunset!!


  2. Oh, me too!! Ditto on the blue cheese stuffers...or roasted garlic stuffers...mmmmm...I want one :D

  3. This drink and the sound of it has me panting for a few.

  4. you should have been here last night for the bar b que college girl became super hero wine girl and kept all our drinks filled
    nice evening of sharing with friends, family and neighbors

  5. Oh,,you are definetly a great woman!! My drink exactly. I love vodka martini's and it always has to hve 3 olives in it... it's like a little mini-meal.... I knew I like you!


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