Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love going to the veggie stand.....

     I feel lucky to have fresh vegetables and fruits right down the street from home.  I always get excited when I go, which I do about three times a week. It's located on a field where they grow the tomatoes and it just makes me feel good being there, like I'm closer to the earth or whatev:)  Anyway,  I usually stop by before I go to the grocery store and get what I need because everything is fresh and a you can't beat the prices.   The prices are the best in town, about 50 cents a pound.

     This is what they had last Wednesday.  The strawberries are ready for picking, so when we drove by the fields on Saturday,  people where there picking their own, which is a lot of fun.  

This is what was available last Wednesday.  
Plump Plum Tomatoes!

Crispy Red Peppers!

                    Sweet  Strawberries!!!!

    Tasty Tomatoes!

Fresh Collard Greens!

Awesome  Avocado!

Boniato, aka Batata, aka White Sweet Potato!

Crazy Cayenne Peppers!

Crispy Cabbage!

Jumpin Jalapenos and Habanero Peppers!

And last but not least, Pretty Poblano Peppers!

I Wish You Love,


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  1. Your photos of the BEAUTIFUL produce is like a breath of fresh air for us here in Alaska. We don't see those kind of PERFECT strawberries even in the summer!! I can almost taste them!!!


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