Saturday, June 18, 2011

First trip to the beach this summer.....

It's very hot here now, the daily temps are usually hitting over 90 degrees.  So, we natives can't stop thinking beach everytime we go outside and that sun is shining down on us, and I mean when you open the front door it feels like a sauna.  Here's a look at a beach we went to last week.  Virgina Key Beach is on Key Biscayne and has a playground for the kids, and picnic benches under the Seagrape trees.  It was cloudy and a cool breeze was blowing which made it a perfect afternoon for kids playing, and grown-ups relaxing.

I took these pics with my iPhone4.

 The playground.

 Seagrape trees are protected here,  they are just beautiful this time of year.

 Relaxing and reading "The Scarlet Letter" on my Kindle.  

 This beach even has a basketball court.

Tiki huts and BBQ's are all around.

Miami is for me!

I Wish You Love, and a Great Summer!


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