Thursday, June 23, 2011

I can't stop watching!

For the past week and a half my life has been totally overwhelmed by the "Casey Anthony Trial".  I have been "glued" to the tv and also watching it on the internet, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.  .  Addicted is not the word for it, it is consuming me.  I did the same for the "OJ Trial",  I did not miss a thing.

I like watching the live courtroom, seeing the faces of the the accused and the witnesses, the procedures, the protocol, the day to day process, and the hard work that is put into a trial like this by the judge, the attorneys, the court reporter and  all of the individual roles involved in the courtroom proceeding.  I love seeing the evidence brought forward, and the painstakingly efforts of the attorneys to prove their case. 

My main question when it comes to crime has always been how the criminal mind works.  I find it hard to comprehend that human beings can't feel emotions, and are encapable of knowing what they did was wrong.  Having no feelings for other human beings, no remorse for what they have done, and being able to poison, beat, rape, or kill another person.  I can't understand it, so I guess that's why it absorbs me, and I wonder the why and the how of it all. 

So I watched and I wonder, and I ask myself why.  Hopefully justice will be served in this case, after all a beautiful little girl was killed, and someone has to answer for it.

I Wish You Love,

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