Friday, November 4, 2011

It was a fabulous time.....

There was a vacant lot on our street and remained so for many years.  It was the perfect place for playing.  It had a big tree and was overgrown because no one ever mowed it.  It had hills and trails that were made from us running through it day after day.  It was like we had our own little jungle.  We'd climb up in the tree and swing from ropes we had hung on the branches and play Tarzan, yelling as he did "Ah... ah ah ah....ah ah".  It was great for hiding when we played hide and seek.

There were a lot of kids born on 112 Terrace, I'd have to say 18 at least, of all ages.   Other kids would come over from the nearby streets,  and we are talking 20-25 kids who played together all the time.  We played Simon Says, dodgeball, tetherball (my Dad made it for us with an old tire, cement, an iron pole with a rope with a ball on the end of it), Hop Scotch, hide and seek, softball, and rode our bikes, and skated.

We played all day until suppertime.  We were free, our imagination soared as we invented our own games and made our own rules.  We learned many things, and were able to experience life in our world and settle our differences and make decisions on our own, without any adults to help us or influence us in any way.

It was a fabulous time.

I Wish You Love,


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