Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This woman.....

This beautiful woman sits and contemplates her past and her future.  She remembers all those decisions she made in her life and asks herself if they were wrong or right.  She knows they were all made with  her heart.  Some were decided quickly, without thinking at all.  She mostly just did what her heart told her to do.  So now as she reminisces she wonders,  if she had it all to do over, what would she have changed.  There are some things she would definitely change.  She would not let some people stay in her life so long.  She would not have made those moves so quickly, maybe slept on some of those decisions.  Maybe said no instead of yes so many times.

But she knows she can't go back, that time is running out, and now it is her time to make her mark, to show who she is and what she stands for, and most of all to find her happiness some way, some how, and laugh and laugh until the happiness tears come.


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