Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life is funny.....

Life is funny. I don't mean it in the haha way, but in the amusing way.  You sit and think of things that you experienced while you were growing up and a wonderful feeling of joy passes through you.  Then you think of things you did that were so embarrassing or degrading, and a feeling of sadness passes through you.  It's joy and sadness.  Sadness and joy.  You can't change it, and you would probably do the same exact thing over again.  But there are a few things you wish you could change.  You know better now.  You're stronger and brighter and your rules may have changed, or maybe you have rules that you didn't have earlier in life.  You know now who you are and how much you will take, and how much you will give.  It's a wonderful feeling when you finally find out who you are.  You know yourself better.  You know where you came from, you know where you've been, and for the most part you know where you're going.  even if you try.  It's the sadness you felt from tragedies you went through. It's the joy that you lived, loved and played.  It's this feeling of contentment that you can't explain

As always,
I Wish You Love,


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