Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Long time no see....

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote on this blog.  Working and mostly busy life, and not taking the time to write or share, is the reason.  The Christmas season is upon us.  Some of us are very happy and love this time of year, however, there are some of us who find it a difficult time for one reason or another.

I work in retail and I see a lot of people, mostly women, and I see them happy, and I see others sad.  Remember, everyone has a story.  Sometime I have time to listen to some of their stories, or at least bits and pieces of their lives.  They tell me where they come from, which I always find interesting and enjoy listening to.  We talk about their husbands, their culture, their foods.  I have one customer that brings me a great dish from her country whenever she makes it.  I love learning about other cultures.

So, I say to all,  that I wish you most of all, a lot of love.  It's the most important thing in life.  If you come upon someone who looks like they need a hug, give them one.  You may make them a little happier. Smile and say how are you, or good morning, or hey to everyone you pass, as they will remember and make them feel good inside, and you too.

May this Christmas season bring you much joy!

All my love,


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