Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favorite Salad

You are probably going to say that I am weird, but I like crumbled up Ritz Crackers in my salad. And, I use Miracle Whip as my salad dressing, cause that's what it really is!!!! I take lettuce, tomato, crumbled Ritz Crackers, chicken(cooked anyway, this is just boiled chicken), and Miracle Whip, I don't add salt, but I do add pepper, and lots of it. Put it in a bowl and shake, shake, shake... That's it, that's all!!!!!!

Happy Friday to All,



  1. Hmmm...Ritz on a salad. I like something sweet and something crunchy on my salads. I'm definitely going to try this one!

  2. Wow you can even make a salad look good. :o) Now I am hungry....

  3. sounds great to me my mother always uses miracle whip as well


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